Southern Tabacco Car Freshie

Southern Tabacco Car Freshie

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Indulge in the nostalgic scent of Southern Tobacco, a fragrant blend of Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos with a hint of sweetness to transport you back to the good old days. This amazing car freshener includes ten shades of richness, with a spicy undertone to add depth to the aroma. It's the perfect way to honor the traditions of your past every time with renewed energy.

Imagine sitting on your grandfather's porch, surrounded by the comforting scent of his pipe, as he shared stories from his rocking chair. Southern Tobacco Air Freshener brings that same sense of simplicity and depth to your daily drive.

Just like you deserve the best grooming products, your vehicle deserves to smell fantastic too. Southern Tobacco’s complex and nostalgic fragrance lasts for 3-4 weeks.

Order your car air freshener now and enjoy the long-lasting, nostalgic scent of Southern Tobacco every time you hit the road.