Jessie's Awakening: Descendants of the Curse

Jessie's Awakening: Descendants of the Curse

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The first book in a 3 book series.

About the Author:

CS Kendall first sparked an interest in writing in the third grade and has been toying with various story ideas since.

Finally, a few years ago she decided to put pen to paper and really give it a go. This is her second series.  The Killing Cure Series is her debut work.

Synopsis:  Jessie Mason is a normal straight-A, lead in the school musical, keep-to-herself junior in high school. That is, until she turns seventeen…and her world is turned on its head.

The day of her birthday, Jessie discovers that she is a descendent of the first ever immortal human race—those who drank from the Fountain of Youth millennia ago and unleashed mortality into the world. Like the rest of her family, she will live forever. But there is a cost. The Fountain of Youth must replenish its lifegiving stores. And to do that, it turns those who’ve benefited from its waters into killers—demanding blood for the eternal life it grants.

Jessie can’t believe it—she’s not a killer. Only…she can already feel new dark impulses building inside her.

In defense, she turns her back on her old life and starts training with Tyler, another (cute) immortal descendant of those cursed waters. She learns ways to tame the water’s bloodthirsty voice, channeling her murderous impulses toward more…productive use of her killer instincts.

To make things worse, someone else out there knows about her secret—and wants to stop her …permanently.

But even more terrifying is what could happen to those she loves if the waters ever gets the best of her…