Jessie's Choice: Descendants of the Curse

Jessie's Choice: Descendants of the Curse

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The second book in a 3 book series.

About the Author:

CS Kendall first sparked an interest in writing in the third grade and has been toying with various story ideas since.

Finally, a few years ago she decided to put pen to paper and really give it a go. This is her second series.  The Killing Cure Series is her debut work.

Synopsis:  As she approaches her senior year of high school, Jessie Mason has really come into her own as an immortal serial killer. Though living with the demands of the Fountain of Youth--which gives her immortality in exchange for blood--she has learned to control the water’s murderous voice by cleansing the streets of the vile criminals who roam free. She’s not alone, either. With the help of her family, her boyfriend Tyler, and the larger immortal Community, she knows how to keep herself safe and under the radar. Follow the rules and everything works. Trust the Community.

So when she is handpicked by a major leader for a kill assignment, she doesn’t understand her reservations about her target. Add to that, she can’t shake the weird vibe about her youngest sister’s teacher. There’s something decidedly creepy about the guy. Could the Community have made a mistake?

It’s only when her youngest sister, Cora, goes missing that Jessie is faced with a choice: follow the rules set forth by the Community or listen to her instincts and go rogue. And she has to decide quickly. Because Cora’s life depends on the answer.